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Parship Dating Site Review

Parship Dating Site Review

We all fantasize about that romantic first meeting with our future partners. To lock eyes with a stranger in a crowded room, hoping they’ll make the first move.

Sadly, these days, our chances of a serendipitous encounter with the love of our lives is becoming increasingly small. After all, we’re all too interested in our smartphones to care about who’s sitting next to us.

Fortunately, your love life doesn’t have to suffer from smartphone blues.

With more and more people relying on their phone screens for entertainment and information, meeting people online makes a lot of sense. Dating apps and sites exist to make our journey towards love as easy as possible, and Parship does just that.

Parship is a compatibility-based online dating site with over 11 million users in Europe alone. Its members are predominantly affluent, educated men and women between 28 and 55 years old. This makes Parship the best dating site for people looking for a serious and long-term relationship.

A bit doubtful? Don’t worry. To help you decide, I took the time to check out the dating site and its app myself. Here are all the details:

The Sign-Up Process

Before you dive headfirst into the world of online dating, you’ll need to fill in your basic information first. After that, you have the option to sign-up using your email or with a social media account such as Facebook.

The whole registration process is easy: a five-minute job. The best part is creating an account on Parship is totally free.

However, you do have to go through quite a long sign-up personality test process which can take up to 20 minutes. New members will have to answer a five-part scientific questionnaire based on the Parship principles. Your list of matches will then be based on your answers to these questions.

The Member Structure

Parship Dating Site

Parship features a diverse membership structure that includes members from all over Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark. It also attracts over 23,000 new members each week, all looking for the perfect partner.

Interestingly, male members slightly outnumber female members by 2%. The majority of its members are well-educated affluent men and women between the ages of 28 and 55 years old.

As you can see, Parship is no place for short-term flings.

The Parship Personality Test

Parship Match Making

Parship reviews its members’ personalities and pairs up members that would statistically make a good couple.

The site isn’t just your run-of-the-mill relationship-oriented site.

It’s scientifically backed and employs a tailored compatibility test following psychologist Hugo Schmale’s 50 years of research and the five-factor model from personality psychology.

Since the 1960s Professor Schmale has been conducting research into couples and their relationships. He later founded Parship in 2001 and was responsible for Parship’s personality-based compatibility test.

The test contains 80 multiple-choice questions that assess your interests, aspirations, personality, and lifestyle. Once you’ve completed the test, you will then receive a list of your potential matches. Whether you want to talk to them or ignore them, it’s all up to you.

However, it’s important that you don’t cheat on the answers.

Just click on the first option that says a lot about yourself without thinking too much about the answer. You’ll be surprised how accurate the test captures your personality!

How well you match with a suggested partner will be displayed through Parship’s “matching” points system. This system of points ranges from 60-140, with 140 being the highest. This means that the higher the points, the more compatible you are with the other person.

Communicating With Other Members

Parship Messaging

Parship requires you to complete at least 50% of your profile before you can communicate with other members.

Make sure that you make your profile as detailed as possible by uploading photos. Trust me, it gets you more attention.

There are several ways of contacting other members.

The site offers free and paid contact features that you can use to engage with other Parship singles. Exchange messages with a potential match, like their photos, send them a smile, or maybe send them an “Icebreaker”. How you communicate with them is totally up to you.

Member Profile Quality

Parship Membership

Parship only offers high-quality member profiles. It encourages its users’ profiles to be as informative and detailed as possible, but without revealing too many private details like your full name and contact information.

For your safety, Parship only displays the aliases and professions of its users.

If you have a free account, you can still visit other members’ profiles. However, the profile owner’s photos are blurred out until the owner releases them. Also, a person’s profile appears incomplete depending on how high the matching point total is between you both.

The Parship App

Parship App

You can access Parship through your smartphone or tablet using the official Parship app. Just download their mobile app for free from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

Like Parship’s web version, the app also makes use of the scientific-based personality test to pair up suitable users.

Aesthetic-wise, the app’s design is sleek, appealing, and user-friendly. It’s set on a black and red background, and much of its features are very easy to navigate.

The app is only available for users 18 years old and above, and currently has 71,000 active users to date.

Cost And Membership

Parship Subscription Costs

Parship offers both a free basic membership and several types of premium plans.

You can choose from three different premium memberships: Premium Lite, Premium Classic, and Premium Comfort.

Each of these plans can be subscribed to for a 3, 6, or 12-month period.

The longer the subscription you buy the more money you save per month. Pay a €33.39 monthly fee for a subscription that lasts up to 3 months,  €22.19 per month for a 6-month membership, or €16.62 per month for a one-year membership.

There are three ways to pay for your membership. You can pay via your credit card, Direct debit, or through Paypal.

Once your membership expires, your subscription will renew automatically. To avoid losing money, it’s best to cancel your membership the moment you become inactive.

You can always sign up for free, however, you can only access a limited number of the dating site’s features including:

  • Uploading photos
  • Sending a smile or an icebreaker
  • Ability to send and receive contact requests
  • Share photos on a one-to-one basis
  • An overview of your personality evaluation
  • Limited number of chat messages

To fully enjoy all of Parship’s perks, I suggest that you upgrade to a Premium membership to enjoy other features like:

  • Regular update on partner recommendations
  • Send and receive contact requests
  • Share photos on a one-to-one basis
  • An overview of your personality evaluation
  • Unlimited chatting with Parship singles
  • Access to comments, icebreakers, and smiles
  • View photos that have been sent to you
  • View your “Visitor list”
  • Search in your area for potential dates
  • Contact guarantee 

Unique Site Features

  1. The Parship Principle

What makes Parship stand out from other dating sites is its compatibility test that is backed by over 50 years worth of scientific research. The test is designed to ensure that you are matched with the most suitable candidates from Parship’s 11 million European users. Another pro to becoming a Premium member is that you can get a full 40- page long psychological assessment based on your test results.

  1. Compatibility Level

Whenever you visit a Parship user’s profile, you’ll notice a chart on the page detailing you and the profile owner’s compatibility level through your matching points based on your likes, dislikes, personality and interests.

  1. Sending A Smile Or An Icebreaker

Start a conversation with your future lover by sending a smile. And while you’re at it, add in a short message or a photo.

But if you’re someone who likes to initiate a conversation with a question like me, then send them an “Icebreaker”. How? It’s simple. Visit a user’s profile and click on “Send an Icebreaker”.

An “Icebreaker” is a short questionnaire containing 4 questions. You will also receive an Icebreaker invitation with a set of questions attached to it for you to answer. Both your answers will then be evaluated to determine how compatible you are with each other.

The Verdict

Parship takes pride in being one of Europe’s largest and most successful dating site designed for discerning singles looking for potential life partners.

Through the years, it has maintained a near flawless track record in helping singles find meaningful relationships.

By using scientific and analytical testing, Parship guarantees you’ll get accurately matched to the best possible people on its network.

Are you single and looking for love, but finding it hard to meet the right person?

With Parship, you won’t be alone for long.


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