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Online Dating For Over 50s In France – Disons Demain Review

Disons Demain Review

If you’re over 50 and looking for ways to meet new people in your area in France, DisonsDemain offers a comprehensive range of dating services for senior single men and women, including:

  • Membership profile
  • Matching service
  • Verified profiles
  • Search for suitable singles
  • Dating apps for mobile devices
  • Outings & parties
  • Professional advice

DisonsDemain boasts several million users in France. The dating site focuses on providing members with various innovative ways to meet other singles over 50, mostly in Paris, Nice and Bordaux.

First let’s put aside any stigma or reservations you might have towards the idea of dating for men and women over 50 years old.  

What Type of People Use DisonsDemain?

DisonsDemain is a platform for singles aged 50 and over looking for serious long-term relationships or simply the opportunity to meet new people.

As DisonsDemain puts it, ‘at 50 and over, you’re still far from being a senior and your love life is far from over! On the contrary, a divorce, a separation or a mourning is often synonymous with renewal. New friends, lovers or dating, senior meetings: everything is possible!’.

What Are Your Chances of Success?

DisonsDemain claim that about 80% of its subscribers have made a meeting and that about 80% of them have recommend DisonsDemain to their friends or family.

On average it takes 12 months to be almost assured of a good meeting.

Membership Profiles

DisonsDemain prides itself on providing members with authentic people aged over 50 seeking serious relationships or companionship. A team of moderators ensures members follow guidelines for etiquette and security. They do their best to research any complaints and take action if necessary. If a member consistently breaks the rules or causes a nuisance to other members then the moderators may delete that account.

The moderators also work to ensure that all DisonDeman’s members are genuine people seeking serious relationships through a series of verification methods while giving the assurance that your personal details are kept private unless you chose to reveal them.

Your Location

During the registration process you’ll be asked to provide your location, which is used to help you find other members near you.

Your Sexual Orientation

DisonsDemain caters to hetrosexual, gay and lesbian members so you’ll be asked to state your gender and whether you are looking for relationships with men or women.

Once you’re done signing up you can upload photos of yourself and set preferences for the type of people you want to connect with.

As with any other online dating platform, your ability to interact with other members and use the platform’s services are limited with free membership.

Three subscription plans are available: 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.

These subscriptions give you the opportunity to use the majority of the site features and read and send as many messages as you want.

Once your subscription period has been chosen, you can add one or more options. The Premium option gives non-subscribers the ability to read your messages and write to you. The Zen option allows you to activate the Contact filter but also to know if and when your messages have been read.

Premium Membership

The Premium option, available in addition to your subscription, allows you to access more contacts. With it you can be contacted by members who have not subscribed yet.

The Booster Option

Purchasing a Booster allows you to increase the visibility of your profile quickly and multiply the number of contacts for a few hours at a time.  

During booster activation your profile is highlighted and goes to the top of the search lists. Your visits, likes and received messages will increase and you can follow the number of notifications received at this time on your main page.

Incognito Option

Purchase the incognito option to make your profile invisible for a chosen duration.

By activating it, you can visit as many profiles as you want. You do not generate any alerts and your profile does not appear in your contacts’ visits. Only your visits remain hidden and you can show your interest with likes and sending messages.

Outings & Parties

DisonsDemain goes the extra mile to help its members meet up by organizing regular outings and parties for them.

The outings range from dinners to weekend activities organized across France and are diverse enough to cater to a variety of interests, including culture, nature, musical evenings, culinary workshops and trips. Members also have the option to become a partner and organize their own events.

The cost of joining events is in addition to any membership fees.

Advice for Members

DisonsDemain also provides plenty of advice for new members on how to stay safe when interacting with other members as well as tips on best practices for your own security if and when you eventually go on a date.

Signing up for any dating site comes with the chance you’ll cross paths with a crook seeking to take advantage of unwary members that are a little too eager to make contact and reveal all to any stranger.

DisonsDemain actively fights against crooks and has a strict policy against solicitation of money. The moderators work to validate profiles at registration and remove incorrect profiles. They also keep your personal data strictly confidential such as email addresses and phone numbers. Your real identity is not divulged to other members.

You can also blacklist members that you don’t wish to have contact with and set your profile to ‘unavailable’ as well as setting up a contact filter.

DisonsDemain has received a plethora of positive reviews in various tabloids such as Le Monde and Le Figaro, among others, so this is considered one of the more reputable and respected dating sites.

To give the dating site a go, sign up for a free account here to start with.


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